How much is the shipping cost?

We tring to keep it cheap. Please take a look at the shipping informations, go to: shipping costs.

How can I pay?

You can pay via paypal, or creditcard via paypal or bank transfer.

How long do i have to wait for my order?

Your order leaves our stock after we received the payment. The shipping company needs up to one week in europe and 2-4 weeks oversee.

How good is the quality of the shirts?

All shirts and hoodies are screen printed. We use the highest printing standards and fabric quality.

What about the sizes?

T-Shirt MEN B 47cm / L 66cm B 52cm / L 69cm B 53cm / L 72cm B 59cm / L 74cm  B 64cm / L 79cm
 Hoodie MEN B 53cm / L 66cm B 57cm / L 67cm B 60cm / L 69cm B 63,5cm / L 71cm B 63,5cm / L 71cm
 T-Shirt WOMEN B 40cm / L 61cm
B 44cm / L 64cm
B 45cm / L 66cm
B 47cm / L 67 cm /

Can you give me some hints how to wash the shirts? And what about ironing?

Wash it with 30°C/86°F. Iron it on the unprinted side with the lowest degree. Avoid to put it in the dryer, better take it to the garden or balcony and let it dry there.

You have a store and want to sell Ultra Trash products?

Please contact us and we will send you all the informations you need.